Best games announced for ps5

With the big reveal of first-party Xbox exclusives coming on July 23we decided to recap what Sony has been doing so far with PlayStation 5 games. All new Xbox games will have to be compatible with both Xbox One and the new console, limiting the developers in scope.

Sony, however, is taking a different approach, with an impressive line-up of exclusive games that will only be possible on PS5. Plus, there are tons of interesting features that PS5 has over Xbox Series X: the new DualSense controllera unique 3D audio engine, and a super-fast SSD that will developers to instantly switch between different worlds. During its E3-style presentation, developer Insomniac showed ultra-high-speed transition between multiple universes without a single hiccup or loading screen.

The tech at work here is really, really impressive.

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Coupled with tessellated reflections, destructible objects, and particle effects so dense and varied, Rift Apart puts games from the supposedly more powerful Xbox Series X to shame. Building on the foundations of the brilliant PS4 exclusive, Miles Morales will feature the same but prettier New York City with, you guessed it, a new protagonist.

Expect more story, but also more graphical bling in the new game. The best part? Damn, this game has a lot of reflections. Can we really tell more about it? Oh, man. Where do we even begin? One of the most amazing and stunning-looking games on PS4 is getting a sequel. And oh is it beautiful. Perhaps, of all the PS5 games Sony showed so far, this is the one that looks like a true generational leap.

The trailer will easily give you chills, with its enormous scale, breathtaking-looking nature, and CGI-quality visuals all around. Yet, it runs on PlayStation 5, and coming next year.

It is real. And for a lot of people, this will be the single most important reason to get the new console. In Strayyou play as a cat in some kind of robot-occupied, neon-lit cyberpunk city most likely Hong Kong set slightly in the future.For those of us who love the Souls series and George R. Finally, we got a look at some proper Rift Apart gameplay footage during Gamescom, and it looks truly excellent. Despite a less-than-inspiring subtitle, Unknown 9: Awakening has the potential to be very interesting indeed.

You must discover the truth behind your mysterious abilities and navigate The Fold to unlock its mysteries. Did you play the original Little Nightmares?

The 20 Best PS5 Games Confirmed/Rumored for Release

If not, we heartily recommend you give it a try. Anime fans, rejoice: your sequel except not really to anime-inspired Dark Souls -esque action-adventure game Code Vein is here.

As huge horror fans, we have our many eldritch eyes firmly fixed on Quantum Error. At Gamescom, we got to take a look at the new Playgrounds featurewhich will bring customisation to DiRT at an unprecedented level.

Please, please, can we have a version of this for PS5? Unknown 9: Awakening Despite a less-than-inspiring subtitle, Unknown 9: Awakening has the potential to be very interesting indeed. Scarlet Nexus Anime fans, rejoice: your sequel except not really to anime-inspired Dark Souls -esque action-adventure game Code Vein is here. Show More. Connect with. Notify of. Inline Feedbacks. Check Also. Editor's picks. PS5 Digital Edition Vs. September 25, Related Articles. PS5 digital sales launch month showcases two winners December 10, December 18, Facebook Twitter WhatsApp Telegram.The PlayStation 5 is the first Sony console since the PS3 that has the ability to play previous-generation games out of the box.

Things like resolutions, frame rates, and loading times can make that old game you beat years ago feel like a brand-new experience. As the library of PS5-exclusive games is still growing, you might find yourself looking back at your old catalog and wondering which old favorite would be worth replaying. Here are some of the games you may have already played on PS4 that are more than worth a second run-through on the PS5. This is a very recent title, so you may not have even had a chance to finish Ghost of Tsushima for the first time yet.

Even on the weaker hardware, this open-world samurai adventure from the acclaimed Sucker Punch studio looked and ran great. Even the load times were almost unbelievably fast. But with the power of the PS5 pushing this game, everything gets cranked up to The beautiful landscapes are even more lush, the load times are essentially nonexistent, and best of all, it runs at a silky-smooth 60 frames per second fps.

Between the giant campaign and free multiplayer mode, Ghost of Tsushima feels like it was made to be played on the PS5. Read our full Ghost of Tsushima review. Now, with the PS5, the game is the best it has ever been. What once ran at a respectable 30 fps and checkerboarded 4K on a PS4 Pro can now hit a locked 60 fps at a dynamic 4K resolution on PS5. If you dropped this one, or never bothered to get around to it, these enhancements make it one of the best showcases for what the PS5 can do for a last-gen title.

There was only so long we could go beforet mentioning one of the highest-rated and most popular games of the PS4 era: God of War.

Top 10 Best PS5 Games - PlayStation 5

The game, like all Sony first-party titles, was already more than stunning on the PS4 and PS4 Pro, so it only stands to reason it will get even more beautifully gory on the PS5.

God of War can hit the sweet spot of 4K 60 fps … but on one condition: You need the disc version of the game and must run it without downloading any of the patches.

If you own it digitally, or download any patches, you can still get a locked 60 fps experience on the Favor Performance mode, but not at 4K. While the Pro did smooth things out somewhat, even then the game could never hold a solid 30 fps.

Again taking advantage of your unpatched disc version of the game, you can now play this unique and heartfelt title at a full 60 fps.

Just smoothing over the frame rate makes this game feel much better to play and look at, but if you were overly frustrated with the A. On the other hand, if you really wanted to connect with this story of a boy and a friendly, if sometimes stubborn, beast, then now is the time to give it another shot. While the two most recent offerings from FromSoftware are quite different in terms of gameplay, they both get similar treatment on the PS5. The fast, aggressive, and highly mobile ninja title Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice was stuck at a locked 30 fps on last-gen hardware.

Now, just by booting the title up in the PS5, you can enjoy the title at the high frame rate it so desperately needed. The feeling of nailing those perfect parry strings has never looked, or felt, better.A number of games have already been announced for to feed the new machines. Today we take a look at the top 10 PS5 games in ! As impressive and exciting as the new PS5 and Xbox Series X S consoles are, one thing is still missing a bit: the games!

While the PS5 had some fantastic exclusives with games like Spider-Man: Miles Morales or Demon's Souls, we've already played through them and want more! Good thing then that some exciting new releases have already been announced forwhich thankfully will soon replace ! Here comes the top 10 PS5 games in ! From the gameplay footage, you can immediately tell how well Rift Apart takes advantage of the PS5's technical capabilities.

The graphics look fantastic, especially with all the particle and shader effects that give the action another good dose of visual candy. Plus, the great feature of being able to travel around between worlds with virtually no load times looks extremely impressive! A concrete release date for the PS5 exclusive title has not yet been set, but it should still be released in the first half of Until then, enjoy this great gameplay demo!

Therefore, it's clear that it can't be missing on the PS5 either. In every console generation, there is at least one great Gran Turismo game, and these are usually great racing simulators!

best games announced for ps5

However, these games also function particularly well to show off the power of the new console. Considering the enhanced graphics capabilities and haptic feedback of the controller, we're really looking forward to seeing what Polyphony Digital will get out of the PS5 with Gran Turismo 7. Unfortunately, we don't know exactly how long we'll have to wait: so far, only an unspecified has been set as the release date. The asynchronous multiplayer shooter not only shines stylistically but also seems to give players a range of completely different weapons and abilities, as you would expect from Arkane.

The idea of giving players the ability to take each other out in a single-player game sounds super exciting. The PS5 exclusive title looks promising and we can't wait until May! On to the next time-exclusive title for the PS5.

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Unfortunately, there is no concrete release date here either, but the wait should certainly be worth it for this wild first-person shooter! A new God of War? Yes, please! We were all excited for the God of War reboot on PS4which not only showed Kratos in a different light but also introduced his young and surprisingly powerful son Atreus as a sidekick. The ending of God of War already promised so much for the future, and we hope God of War: Ragnarok can deliver. It looks like a Pixar movie that's actually playable.

It's scheduled for release in Q1, so we won't have to wait much longer for it! Ok, ok, ok Nevertheless, we are looking forward to the PS5 version, because it looks really great in terms of graphics and the game is still a lot of fun!

The new game from Housemarquee, Returnallooks super cool. The studio, which is actually known for 2D shoot-'em-ups, ventures into the third dimension and onto the PS5 with this cool alien shooter that aims to combine impressive presentation and interesting storytelling with bombastic arcade gameplay.But if your PS4 backlog is still bursting at the seams like mine—or you want something to re-play while you wait for new titles to trickle in—some of those old PS4 games are going to look and run better than ever on the PS5.

Some may even be able to hit higher resolutions. It was certainly an improvement, but the PS5 will be able to dedicate its extra power to a smooth framerate in this p mode, making it a game worth playing on a next-gen console. While the samurai adventure aimed for 30 frames per second on the PS4 Pro, the latest version targets a much smoother 60 frames per secondmaking it a great last-gen title to play on next-gen hardware.

Not everyone was a fan of Days Gonebut it deserves a spot on this list for being one of the first PS4 games to actually receive a PS5 patch for improved performance as opposed to some of the other games on this list, who were running unlocked frame rates to begin with.

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Bend Studio announced on Twitter earlier this month that the open-world zombie adventure will run at up to 60 frames per second with dynamic 4K resolution. Thankfully, the PS5 gives these games enough horsepower to work with, giving both a stable 60 frames per second in that still-beautiful p mode. The answer is yes—yes it can. Whitson Gordon is a writer, gamer, and all-around tech nerd. He eats potato chips with chopsticks so he doesn't get grease on his mechanical keyboard.

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This is how we make money. The PlayStation 5 has finally been released across the globe, meaning that millions of players can now jump into all of the fantastic experiences the next-gen console has to offer. Subscribe to our newsletter. For a new generation, this is easily a new record for the sheer amount there is to play at launch.

The implementation of ray tracing makes the city of Manhattan feel more alive and reactive than ever before, with minimal impact on performance. Even after all these years, nothing beats posing for a picture at the end of each level as Sackboy emits a tongue-lashing grin with trophy in hand. It approaches 25 years of consoles, games and accessories, from a perspective that shows nothing but love for those who created them and the players who have crafted everlasting memories from their own experiences.

best games announced for ps5

Stealth has unfortunately taken a backseat, which feels very strange for a Creed game, but the epic-scale battles and sophisticated RPG mechanics more than make up for such shortcomings. The highlight here are the multiple Game of Thrones-esque stories that take place in Medieval England, which scratch that itch for devilish schemes and shocking, bloody twists.

Sadly, a few glaring flaws and a number of technical hiccups can see Valhalla become very frustrating at times.

Beneath the otherworldly design sits a beating heart of close-knit relationships and relatable issues I found myself growing immeasurably fond of. Read our full Bugsnax Review. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is a solid entry in the blockbuster franchise that looks stunning on next-gen consoles.

While its campaign fails to deliver on its potential, it still takes you on a thrilling tale of explosive espionage as you uncover the true identity of Perseus. It also fails to integrate effectively into the narrative, which tries desperately to tow the line between a serious commentary on modern society and the consequences of fascism and a tongue-in-cheek spy thriller that never takes itself too seriously.

As a result, Watch Dogs Legion has nothing to say, and fails to reach the relatable heights of its predecessor. Read our full Watch Dogs Legion Review. Read our full Dirt 5 Review. Not only is it a joy to build and refine your rides and coasters, see people love them and design your perfect park, but the levels of detail in the theming, customisation and animatronics take the theme park sim to a whole new level. If you ever wanted to build your own Thorpe Park or Cedar Point, this is the game for you.

The PS5 and Xbox Series X versions are also excellent, offering a new benchmark for features and performance that feels frighteningly close to a high-end PC. Read our full Planet Coaster Review. Using Breath of the Wild as its blueprint, this is a mythical adventure with plentiful charm and enough distinct ideas of its own to stand out. Despite such shortcomings, this gorgeously refreshing take on Greek Mythology is crammed with creativity across its impactful combat, engaging puzzle design and lovable cast of characters.

As a new franchise, I can only see it growing stronger in the years to come. Read our full Immortals Fenyx Rising Review. Best list PS5. Jade King. Gaming Editor. Jade is the Gaming Editor at Trusted Reviews. She handles all things gaming whether it be news, reviews, events or silly features.Want to know the best PS5 Games that are either confirmed or rumored for release with the console?

If you enjoy gaming content, and want to see more of this from us, subscribe to our Gaming YouTube Channel. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, we will get a small commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain our own. The game follows Ratchet, a feline-humanoid mechanic, and Clank, a Zoni robot, as they travel the universe saving it from the consistent threat of evil.

best games announced for ps5

However, this is just a rumor for now and nothing has been officially confirmed! Horizon Zero Dawn is an action role-playing game released for the Playstation 4 in and developed by Guerilla Games. It was one of the best-selling PlayStation 4 games ever, selling over 10 million copies by Februarywhich makes it pretty obvious that a sequel is needed, right? Well, nothing has been confirmed as of yet, however, one of the games voice artists decided to spill the beans earlier this year, which pretty much confirms the sequel!

However, the attacks are a lot more difficult at night as the zombies become more hostile than in the daylight. The game is open-world and has an abundance of terrain to explore. The Elder Scrolls is a series of action role-playing games that focus on free-form gameplay in a highly detailed open world. Not yet a confirmed released for the PS5, Final Fantasy VII has, however, been confirmed for release on the PS4, which makes the odds of it being a cross-generation title, super high.

However, dates have yet to be confirmed which actually makes a PS5 release even more likely, as the console is due to be released somewhere in the last quarter of Grand Theft Auto is a highly successful action-adventure video game series, developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games.

Tomb Raider: Will a new 2021 game be announced for PS5? It’s Lara’s 25th anniversary

The series has been a massive success, earning critical acclaim and selling over million units worldwide, which makes it the fourth highest-selling video-game franchise of all time. This is one of the most widely anticipated PlayStation games and is due for release on the Playstation 4 in Septemberapproximately five months after its original April release date that was pushed back.

The upcoming role-playing video game takes place in Dystopian Night City, an open-world with six unique areas. Players control a mercenary in the first-person perspective and acquire different skills, weapons and objectives as the game goes on. The game is going to be the fifth instalment in the Call of Duty series and more than likely a cross-platform release. Battlefield is a series of first-person shooter games that first came on the scene in You can expect to see the classic Battlefield destructive environments and gameplay in number 6, but as and when it will be released, is still a mystery!

Watch Dogs: Legion is an upcoming action-adventure game, which will be the third installment in the WatchDog series.

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The game was developed by Ubisoft Toronto and published by Ubisoft. After an initially confirmed release date of Marchat E3the game has now been delayed and is likely to be released anywhere between the next financial year, which runs from April to April This slight delay makes it even more likely that it will be launched on the PlayStation 5 instead of cross-platform.

Time will tell. However, it has been delayed, so we imagine that it will be released sometime in the next financial year, not long after its planned release date.

best games announced for ps5

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