Swagtron voyager electric skateboard

When it comes to speed, fast is never fast enough for some speed demons. As fast as it can go. NOTE: Be sure to always wear protective gear when riding any vehicle at high speeds.

During the past few years, Boosted has earned its keep amongst one of the most household brand names of electric transportation. The deck on this thing explains why I call it a downright monster. A lot of boards have only one battery pack. Koowheel did something unique and different in the electric skateboard industry. They gave their D3M e-Longboard two speed modes — depending on how you want to ride it.

The first one is a bit above average speed when it comes to eSk8s: 18mph. Beginner and cruise modes are 11mph and 12mph, respectively. The REAL fun starts when you switch to the advanced mode: 24mph. Yes, 24 tear-watering miles per hour. If you want fast, E-glide has your back and they really do.

With good reason, too. It weighs only One downside is that it rides only miles on one battery charge. The upside? Boosted also makes a mile-range battery that you can optionally buy for longer riding distances. Clever trick there, Boosted. This list is by no means exhaustive, remember, but these 5 boards are among the ones most suitable to fit your needs.

Contents 1 1. Koowheel D3M Longboard 27 mph 3 3. Buffalo F 24 mph 4 4. GT Powerboard — Black Anodized 23 mph 5 5. Check Price. Koowheel D3M Longboard 27 mph. Buffalo F 24 mph. GT Powerboard — Black Anodized 23 mph.A modern long range electric skateboard must have some imperative specifications which are the most essential aspect of a skateboard. In essence, top speed and battery range are the specs that, I must say, are quite important and are highly dependent on each other.

The speed is attained by powerful motors whereas the range is attained by powerful batteries. Doubtlessly, both these features are of equal importance and are very much considered by the people who deeply investigate different kinds of skateboards before buying one.

A lot of people find electric skateboards as something that is just made for fun or to play with, however, the majority of the people consider them more seriously as a conducive means of transportation.

For instance, a large number of workers and students commute daily by using these boards. This is because they are cheaper than the electric scooters or bikes and at the same time, more portable, faster, and not so difficult to handle.

swagtron voyager electric skateboard

Before buying a long range electric longboardyou should keep certain things in mind. Things like, is this long range electric skateboard a faster one? Or would it be able to handle a lot of weight? So, here are a few important things that you should be aware of before buying a long-range electric longboard.

SwagBoard NG-1 NextGen Electric Skateboard

This is one of the most important things to be considered for a long distance electric skateboard. When you are buying an electric skateboard, make sure that this board has a large capacity battery that can go the long-way.

But here is the bad news for those who wish to take their skateboards on air-travels too because TSA regulations do not allow you to take very big batteries on the plane. Presently, batteries with a size of up to 99 Wh are allowed to be taken on a plane. So, be careful while picking up one if you want to carry it on air travel. Note: To avoid such inconvenience it is better to read the regulations of aviation authority and airlines about their laws for these long-range e-skateboards. The weight of a rider is also one of those factors which determine the performance of an electric skateboard in a single charge.

Lightweight riders will get more mileage than the heavier ones. As the basic physics says that the heavier the body is, the more power it will require to move. So, the same principle implies the electric skateboard with longest range too. Hence, the heavy rider will consume more battery than the one with fewer pounds. The landscapes over which you have to ride your best long range electric skateboard also plays a vital role in range.

If you ride it on inclines or hilly areas, the motor will consume more power. This means the battery will end sooner during such rides and hence, it will end up in a shorter range.

The range of your skateboard will again become limited if you are crazy about the speed and are always ready to attain the maximum speeds. These urges of riding the board on max speed every time will surely exert more strain on the motors resulting in quicker lowering of battery. Lastly, another important thing you should know is the extent to which your skateboard has been optimized.

For instance, some skateboards get an equal output power from motors but travel farther than others. This is completely dependent on the engineering of the board that how much effort has been put into it. Such as, how fine the traction is, is the wheelbase good, all these things decide the total range that you can achieve from a skateboard. Here, I am going to present you with a list of 5 top-class electric skateboards with the longest ranges, which will assist you if you are presently in search of a great long range electric skateboard.Drone Rush is reader supported.

We may earn an affiliate commission when you buy through links on our site. Learn more. So how does the e-longboard stack up? Stick around to find out in our full Swagtron Voyager review. The body of the Swagtron Voyager is reminiscent of many traditional longboards, but with some integral design decisions that make it quite unique.

Not as unique as the Solowheel Iotabut close. The board is far from symmetrical on both ends, curving from having the shortest width at the back end to widest near the front. The company says this combination makes the board sturdy but flexible, and I would have to agree here.

When going over bumps and small branches in the road the board definitely showed a bit of flex, but only enough to traverse these obstacles without throwing me off.

There is a handle on the back of the board which allows the user to tow it behind them when they are not in a position to be skating, and this came in so much more useful than I had originally anticipated. While many skateboarders opt to strap their board to their bag at this point, electric skateboards are essentially all very very heavy, and this is not really an option in this case. This makes it easy to tell if you left the board on, and is a great implementation in my opinion.

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The board uses oversized orange polyurethane wheels which it should help go over divots and cracks in the pavement. These are mounted atop fully customizable trucks that the user can change out to their liking in order to get their optimal turning experience.

I would say I got about miles out of one charge, but mileage will vary depending on your terrain and weight. The company rates the maximum weight capacity at lbs, but I did not test that myself for fear of damaging the battery — and we all know what a damaged battery can do. I would have preferred either some better protection or a slightly smaller battery here, but that is up to personal opinion. There is a decent amount of acceleration present on this thing, but it was not as sharp as other models that we tested.

While the body on the Voyager provides a decent riding experience, I think it would be improved in a variety of ways. Other boards on the market have a more symmetrical body shape which allow for more room for your back foot, which I thought was rather lacking on this device. If you have your back leg too far near the end, it can be hard to get a solid grip and control your turning direction.

The remote control for the Voyager is pretty wholly custom, coming in at a vague egg shape and using a thumbstick rotating on the x-axis to control acceleration.Nobody alive today can deny that Electric Skateboards have conquered the world.

One of the main problems is that there are a lot of manufacturers and companies producing these fine products.

Both skateboards come with a wireless remote you can hold while you ride, controlling your speed and other features. Not to mention the fact that it can withstand insanely brutal heat temperatures with little-to-no damage.

SWAGTRON Voyager 42” Electric Longboard with Remote Control

This board has the smooth, agile feeling of a classical Longboard — with the powerful driving force of an electric motor. This device reaches a safe top speed of 10mph and can be ridden for 40 consecutive minutes on one battery charge.

Here is the difference between the two classes:. You can also travel up to 16 miles on a single battery charge, and climb hills with a degree incline. This makes it easier for you to accelerate quicker, and lets you conquer rougher hills and higher terrain. However, maximum speed is only slightly increased; at The Dual has a 3-month warranty. On a single battery charge, expect to travel a total of 12 miles.

Compared to other materials, carbon fiber has a superb weight-to-strength ratio that is hard to match or beat. Not to mention the fact that it can withstand insanely brutal heat temperatures with little-to-no damage, and is ten times stronger than steel while being five times lighter and eight times stronger than aluminum.

The trucks themselves are also made of aluminum, with a 9. Personally, this trade off is worth it considering the value you get. The HaloBoard is one of the best electric skateboards in the market and comes with a 6-month warranty. What makes this claim even more staggering is how much the E-GO carries — up to lbs. The Lithium-ion battery is partly to thank for this lightweight board carrying such a tremendous weight without sacrificing powerful performance.

You can expect to travel as far as 13 miles on one battery charge. People have claimed that the max speed is By making their upgraded board a Long board, for starters.

Yuneec also introduced new materials into their E-GO2 boards to make them lighter. Using 8-layered composite wood decks instead of 8-layered Canadian mapleE-GO2s are only On the lower end i.

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However, it does have 3 ride modes which makes every ride a unique experience. If this is too fast for you — the S also has regenerative braking. The S2 commands serious respect with its powerful dual hub motors.

Swagtron Swagboard NG-1 Next Gen Electric Skateboard

The difference between these two versions is that B has carrying handles actually built in to the board, whereas the A does not. Other than that, however, the specs are similar. This is particularly helpful to know, as it carries a maximum lbs. As the tires are designed for all terrain, you can ride in… well… all terrain. The tape is also anti-abrasion, which is a useful feature for when your deck top accidentally skids across concrete or the environment.

The top speeds you can reach in these modes are as follows:. You can expect to travel a total of Thanks to these state-of-the-art electronics, you can blast from mph in less than five seconds.

It has a transverse flux motor, meaning you have a lot of torque power to conquer any steep hill or incline.The Swagtron takes you places in no time, owing to its maximum speed limit of a whopping 30 miles per hour!

It also comes with safety features, meeting the UL norm standards. The best part of the Voyager is that it gives you an excellent hill grade, even at the maximum user weight lbs.

Moreover, it has large wheels, which go over bumpy areas smoothly, the whole aura of it exactly like them old skateboards!

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You can also ride it manually when the battery dies out! Check Price.

swagtron voyager electric skateboard

The board gives a great range, is the only board to take lbs of weight while giving a speed of 30 miles per hour. Wrapping it up, the board feels like just another classic longboard, with added power! The grip tape gives unbeatable tractioncovering the deck which is made out of eight plies, six of the layers being Canadian Maple and the other two, bamboo wood.

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This 8-ply wood, gives the much-needed support for even the heftiest of riders, and thus the Swagtron is equipped to hold up to lbs. The board weights around It also has adjustable trucks for clearer calibration and board flexibility. Large 90 mm polyurethane orange wheels are classic of Swagtron, these wheels go over just about anything, and can also be used on skating arenas to show off your crazy moves! This is achieved even under the weight of kg, due to the powerful dual W motors.

Specifically made for speed, the Voyager is run by two, 36V LI-FE batterieswhich are scientifically proven to be safer than standard Lithium Ion batteries. The batteries are 24 cellsand take around three hours to fully charge. The board comes with a wireless remote controllerwhich is quite intuitive and easy to use, hold and accelerate with. The remote shows battery specs, speed, current range, etc. The dual motors give the board full power of wattsand once the batteries are fully recharged, the Swagtron Voyager gives you a range of up to Is Swagtorn Voyager Safe?

With a safety certification UL certifiedyou can be confident that the board is a hundred percent safe, even for teens! The battery pack and motors are protected with a patented, safe, shield encasing which keeps the rider and board away from harm.I give this thing a huge thumbs up. I ride this back and forth to work every day and I have to say that it is a beast.

It goes fast and gets. Free shipping. Recertified Item Introducing the latest addition to the Swagtron line of electric skateboards, the Voyager Longboard. The Voyager is one of the most powerful electric longboards on the market! Featuring dual watt motors can blast you to a full 15mph. The Voyager can cruise for up to 15 miles on one charge and can handle weight up to lbs. The electric longboard runs on two 36V Lithium Ion Phosphate batteries, which last longer and are safer than your standard lithium-ion batteries.

Grab the wireless remote and go as you use it to accelerate, decelerate and enable cruise control. The digital display on the remote shows you the battery life and current speed. The full size 42 inch classically shaped longboard is made with 6 layers of Canadian maple wood sandwiched between two layers of bamboo, making it strong and flexible.

The deck is covered from nose to tail in grip tape to keep your feet in place and features a carrying handle so you can take the voyager wherever your adventures might lead. The over-sized Polyurethane wheels help the Voyager longboard easily go over bumps and cracks. They connect to the deck with fully adjustable trucks you can calibrate for perfect turns and stability.

The Voyager electric longboard is built with your safety in mind, and meets the stringent ul standards. The LI-FE battery is protected by our patented sentry shield technology battery enclosure, ensuring the safety of both the board and the rider. Each motorized skateboard is covered by Swagtron with a 1 year limited warranty. Experience this revolution in personal transportation.

Swagtron, adventures begin with your feet! Im lbs currently and a. So far so good been riding the longboard for 3 days only short distances, but really happy with how stable it is. Question Title:.

Posted by Asher S. Read More. Supports lbs. Prepare for an adventure with the long and fun Voyager. Fun Travels! All Specs.Electric skateboards hit the scene big time a few years ago. And just like how there are so many different variations in skateboards, there are different kinds of electric skateboards.

Swagtron voyager electric longboard

From inch penny boards, to inch longboards, electric skateboarding has evolved to be just as diverse and fun for every rider! But so long as you bend your knees and keep your eyes glued forward, you should be good. They make getting from Point A to Point B kind of an adventure.

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If you have a young rider in your life who is looking to get to and from school in an all-new way, then the Swagboard is your perfect-fit solution! Does your child have school at the top of a particularly tall hill? The Swagboard is designed with a flexible maple wood deck that makes it surprisingly pliable. This design enables the Swagboard to carve and smoothly handle fast turns.

If you need to pop a U-turn or handle s quick swerve, just lean into the board and it will respond to your weight in seconds. There is a lot of talk regarding lithium batteries, and we get the hesitation when the words are mentioned in conversation.

swagtron voyager electric skateboard

It is important to research and ensure that any electric rideable you commit to purchasing is UL certified. This distinction means that your board or bike has been submitted for a series of rigorous quality tests and guarantees that they are appropriate for riders to use and charge. The Voyager is an overall bigger package weighing in at 19 lbs and able to carry up to lb — making it better equipped for larger riders.

The heavy duty 36v lithium-ion battery mounted underneath the board makes it a tad too hefty for younger riders to hull casually around. With a faster watt engine and a slower turning radius compared to the Swagboard.

This makes this electric longboard ideal for beach cruising, and not so much quick urban navigation. With its elongated body and smooth, responsive controls, this board can take you barreling down the boardwalk beneath the shade of palm trees on your way to your favorite spot.

Perfect for a lazy, beachside Sunday! Tired of taking an Uber from your house to the beach? The Voyager makes for a fun and emission-free solution for last mile transportation. Get to your destination… and turn your boring commute into an adventure! In a society where environmental responsibility and population density is a hot-button issue, it might be worth research and investing in eco-friendly transportation.

Freeways have become so congested that emission levels have skyrocketed in recent years, and forget finding decent parking in any major city. It might be worth forgoing a drive to the movies, or even taking a crowded bus to the store. The Voyager can easily be your go-to transportation that leaves behind no harmful carbon footprint. Designed with lithium iron phosphate batteries, your board not only has a longer lifespan, it is more efficient than other electric batteries, releasing zero damaging emissions into our environment.

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